Top All-Round Carriers: Best SUV 2013

The word ‘utility’ in its name, spells what the SUV is all about.  A vehicle that has been around for ages.  A vehicle that drives as smoothly over rough terrain, as inner city roads.  A vehicle used by families, as a public carrier, and for touring purposes.  The heralder of the present-day SUV, was the all-purpose Willys Jeep.  When demand for SUV’s increased in the 1990s, car manufacturers like Ford, Land Rover, Chevrolet, etc., jumped on the bandwagon to take advantage of this sudden surge.  With so many SUV’s available in the market now, it would be difficult to select the best SUV 2013.  Below are a few guidelines.

The best SUV’s would obviously be the vehicles that boast of very high technology.  Since it is a vehicle also used for rough road driving, the safety factor is also very important.  In fact, the safety factor should be above and beyond normal safety norms.  The capacity of the SUV to seat 6-8 people would call for additional comfort, and all the normal conveniences of a luxury car.

Mercedes ML350 (W163) _ best suv 2013?

Since the vehicle is large, its turning capacity should be smooth and effortless.  Jostling for space in the best SUV for this year category, are some of the top car manufacturers, like Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagon.  The Ford Explorer, Jeep Liberty, and Toyota FJ Cruisers, feature in the rough road group.  With special tyres, these SUV’s have strong engines, and can carry heavier loads.  The luxury of the other SUV’s might not be available in these vehicles, especially in the interior of the vehicles.  Then there are the luxury SUV models such as the Infiniti QX56, the Mercedes-Benz GL, and the Cadillac Escalade.  A third category of SUV’s would be the Audi Q5, Mazda Tribute, and Honda Element.  These vehicles are low on fuel consumption, and hence in great demand.  Hybrid models of SUV’s are also manufactured, and aim at being eco-friendly.

So an SUV needs to be able to meet all sorts of standards.  To be included in the best SUV 2013, it has to surpass the normal, and reach for the ‘high’.  Owners of the best SUV’s expect their vehicles to provide the ultimate in comfort, safety, cabin space, luggage space, smooth engine running, dexterity in making turns, and durability. SUV’s are driven by household mums taking the kids to school, young working adults, sports people – anyone and everyone who can afford its luxury.  Its popularity has increased tenfold.  The SUV in fact, has now reached ‘status symbol’ level.  Especially in the United States of America, and Europe, the SUV is purchased by celebrities in all categories.





photo by: nitrox09

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